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Thursday, 24 February 2011

There is nothing new that I can report, maybe in the next week or two I might have something more interesting.

But you know me, even with "nothing new" I still have a ton of stuff to write about and several thousand strongly held opinions to expound upon, and as you know my life is rarely ever boring or mundane.

Actually my life is frequently boring but I don't write about that... much...

I have a light ongoing shoulder injury, that has seen me drop to the lightest bodyweight I have been since my nerve injury. So again I have changed focus on my training to raise my cardio vascular fitness levels by running and swimming again.


Indian TVC shot during the quiet "Christmas" period

Luckily even when I am 'skinny' I am still rather large.

I was involved in a local charity bed race in Thailand with my mates bar sponsoring our team:

charity-bed-race          charity-bed-race2

Charity Bed Race 

There are a couple of jobs where I am wanted but nothing has been signed yet, though this year is looking to be the best yet for my acting career. 

HBO's "Game of Thrones " goes to air in the US on 17th April, about 6 weeks away, and "Mystic Blade" should be released later this year. 

My interview in Men's Health was pushed back to March so that'll be out soon.

I got a quick write up in Impact, the martial arts magazine thanks to Big Mike over in Hong Kong:


Sharing News Space With The Big Names


As I said nothing new that I can report.

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