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New TV Series Audition *Updated

Thursday, 03 September 2009

I am unable to write any details at this stage but my Acting Agent in Australia, has managed to secure an audition for the pilot of an upcoming American TV series, in a role that could be very suitable for me.

With a number of opportunities arising at present, it is only a matter of time before I sign up with one.

The best thing about all this for me is that the quality of the productions and the quality of the roles is better than any I have previously done. It looks like my plan to serve my movie apprenticeship in Asia was in fact a good choice and my plan did work. Great. My plan to be found via Search Engines and approached for auditions because of this, my actors website, is also working very well. Now I can launch into the US movie market at a 'reasonable' and financially interesting level.

So I grabbed a mates camera, grabbed my mate who has no acting or 'reading' experience and we filmed the audition...

... seeing time was short (a) as the casting people asked for the audition ASAP and (b) my mate runs a successful business and has limited free time we filmed it in a 1/2 renovated room full of tools and dust.

A few readings through I found a style I was comfortable with (it's hard to be natural and display the right emotions when you are doing a heavy accent) and my mate got better at reading the other characters in the script in a flat voice. Since he is not an actor it is easier to do the reading flat without emotion just reading the words. Then it neither adds nor detracts from my audition performance.

We film it, I do three different takes on the character, varying something each time to try to show I can do a range of acting, I take the camera and go looking for a lead to plug it into my laptop (the original lead was lost when packing for International travel). 

Dashing home I now need to learn how to use the camera, onto the web and download the manual from the Sony website, pretty easy once you can read the manual.

So I transfer the video to my laptop, edit it slightly (cuts mainly like in the middle of a scene you hear a Thai street vendor calling out selling his wares and we both look at each other then crack up laughing.) and then convert it into a format small enough to upload to the web and with enough viewing size and quality for the casting people to see details, mainly facial expressions.

I then upload it onto a webhost account I keep in America and email the download links to the casting agency people in Australia.

Lucky I'm an IT guy, or I'd be stuffed.

So they view the audition, they chose another guy who has the look that they were originally after (I did not look anything like the character description except for being over six feet and muscular). My agent was like "don't worry we'll try again for some other roles"

Worry? Who's worried. Everything worked out very well. 

I chased down the audition myself thanks to a reader of my website giving me the heads up that the casting process was going on, so I got to do the casting but I did not land the part, no surprise there, I would have be a last resort if they could not find anyone else... I already knew this when I tried to get the casting.

BUT I did get in front of the casting people. Remember this is a pilot, only a few of the characters from the full TV show will be introduced in the first episode (the pilot).

There will be other characters, there is one in fact that I believe that I am very suitable for. Having been sent the entire script for the pilot I can say that the TV series will suit me very well too.

So I did not get the role BUT I did get my face, my acting and most importantly my physique in front of the casting people. It would not surprise me if my details were stored for later auditions when/if the TV pilot gets the green light and becomes a full show.

My plans are all working out very well. Think in advance, plan ahead, promote yourself and get in front of the people who need to see you..

Why does everyone else think I have good luck in these things? Because they can't m ake a plan and stick to it until it bears fruit? Lazy if you ask me. Luck generally has very little do do with the outcomes of life.

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