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Thursday, 05 July 2007

My first post on this website from the 2nd July 2006 talks about how I am building this site to try to self promote and gain additional acting work in markets that I have not yet entered. ie Hollywood.

Well I can say now that the site is finally starting to pull acting leads, I am starting to receive movie opportunities via the contact form on this site.

Let me go into it further....


Power Kids Movie

Sunday, 01 July 2007

Power Kids was the movie that got me over to move to Thailand in the first place, hence Power Kids was the first movie that I worked on in Thailand.

Shot Through THe Heart And You

Shot Dead In Powerkids 

The Power Kids movie was already in pre-production and some filming had already taken place when my friend John who had moved over to Thailand 6 months before called me up and told me he had a part in the Power Kids movie, and they were looking for other big guys...

*Update: 2009 release date now official 


Why I Quit My Business And Moved To Thailand

Sunday, 01 July 2007

I quit my business and moved to Thailand 2 years ago. I have been to Thailand 3 times before and last time I vowed that I wouldnever return.

Yet 2 years later I sold up everything and moved to Thailand.

What possessed me to do such a thing? And NO it was nothing to do with a Thai girl... 


Nathan Jones And Conan Stevens In Som Tam

Monday, 25 June 2007

Nathan Jones and I have been working together on the new Action Movie "Som Tam" or "Pattaya Papaya" (Western title I think).

I first met Nathan Jones many years ago now up in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia but working in Som Tam is the first time we have worked together.

Nathan Jones is HUGE, currently he is not training with weights and has let his bodyweight drop down to more comfortable levels as he said "all the really big guys keep dying early" 

Conan Damian Nathan

Nathan Jones, Damian Mavis and Conan Stevens



New Movie Pilot Filmed With Baa Ram Ewe

Friday, 15 June 2007

I had a few days off filming Som Tam this week and I thought I would get time to eat and train, well I got time to train but not in the way that I was expecting.

The meeting I had with Baa Ram Ewe on Christmas day has finally come to fruition. After a little bit of juggling (possible scheduling conflicts with Som Tam) I was confirmed late Tuesday night to go in on Wednesday to practise a Pilot scene which we would  film on Thursday.

Baa Ram Ewe

Baa Ram Ewe Movie Production House

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