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New Movie Pilot Filmed With Baa Ram Ewe

Friday, 15 June 2007

I had a few days off filming Som Tam this week and I thought I would get time to eat and train, well I got time to train but not in the way that I was expecting.

The meeting I had with Baa Ram Ewe on Christmas day has finally come to fruition. After a little bit of juggling (possible scheduling conflicts with Som Tam) I was confirmed late Tuesday night to go in on Wednesday to practise a Pilot scene which we would  film on Thursday.

Baa Ram Ewe

Baa Ram Ewe Movie Production House

Unfortunately since this is a movie still in pre-production I can not currently give much away from the movie and its story.

What I can say is that the movie is a fantasy setting (Fantasy like Lord Of The Rings, not fantasy as in Debbie Does Dallas) whereby two opposing tribes go to war with primitive muscle powered weaponry.

The pilot demo is shot before the movie even starts, what it is for is to show interested investors the idea and how well it translates to film (or digital in this case). The pilot is then used to raise funds or to try to negotiate more funding for the project. 

I asked the Assistant Director if it was OK to take a few photos inside the studio as it would have been of interest to those of you who do not know how movies create their magic but as it is a trade secret at this stage I was not able to.

What I did get are a few other photos from around Baa Ram Ewe Studios that might be of interest. Such as this photo of the entrance to the studio we were using on those particular days. Notice the bright green curtain. I guess you have heard of blue screens - a blue coloured screen that people act in front of and with computer help a background is super imposed on the blue screen. Well it is also often done with green screens. So I don't think I am letting the cat out of the bag by letting you know that this movie will be getting alot of attention from the CGI (computer graphics) folks.


 Baa Ram Ewe Movie Studio

What's behind the red door? Green Screen and....

I was shown the footage already filmed and had a minor amount of superimposing done to it and I have to say it looked amazing.
Being Baa Ram Ewe they have their entire highly skilled stunt team working on this project  so you can be assured of some fantastic stunts and some great action.
Filming is slated to start in December with any luck, keep posted, better yet become a member and recieve notification of further developments. You don't want an angry giant now do you?  
Blue Faced Meanie?

Braveheart? No it's our fantasy pilot.

(2015 UPDATE: This is the interesting bit. The major investor in Thailand seems to have put out a bid to make this movie, several of hte large production houses made a 5 minute teaser like this one to showcase their idea for the movie synopsis (a 1-2 page description). It turns out this Baa Ram Ewe trailer lost the bid to Phranakorns and they ended up making "Hannuman: The White Monkey Warrior" instead.
A very different idea for the story, I would have liked to see the Baa Ram Ewe version as it had some very, very good stunt wire work as stuntmen skipped and swung across the CGI forest like monkeys - even the onsite edit they showed me amazed me.
So in the Baa Ram Ewe version I was to play the lead, and in the Phranakorn version I was originally approached for a lead role, I ended up as a 2 day stunt actor (I got a line so it upgrades from a featured stuntman), seeing as this was filmed at the same time (day/night/day then night) as Bangkok Adrenaline this worked out best.)

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