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Som Tam Movie Filming So Far

Friday, 15 June 2007

I have been on set filming the action/drama Som Tam movie over the last few weeks, it has been fun and eventful so far, very well organised and a pleasure to work on with the crew, even the movie extras have been entertaining in their own way.

Som Tam being a full blown commercial production I am going to bring you the bits that I can for now and I'll write a more in depth article and behind the scenes photos when the movie is officially released.

But for now, enjoy...

First up, with permission from production, I introduce Phil, my partner in crime who goes by the name of Ryan in the movie, he is the brains in the International Diamond Smuggling operation and I, Jo jo, am the brawn.

Bad Guys Phil and Conan

 Som Tam Movie Ryan and Jojo

Of course being International gangsters we have a reputation to upkeep, and as such we have a bunch of pretty girls hanging off us during the filming (unfortunately only on set and not backstage) 'supplied' to us by our local contact Chong Chia 

Pretty girl and Jojo


Pretty Girl and Jojo - The Rewards Of Crime

Here is the Mafia syndicate relaxing in sweltering hot conditions between takes, the filming was done in a traditional Muay Thai stadium and after a few hours with the bright lighting and 100 extras in attendance the place started to get really hot - I mean much hotter than the normal tropical heat of Thailand. 

Bored Actors On Set

Chongchai, Ryan, Pretty Girls Sweat It Out 

Of course filming in a Muay Thai stadium we got to meet a bunch of Muay Thai living legends, Grandmasters and professional trainers, this location is where Jean Claude Van Dam learnt Muay Thai according to Grandmaster Niwatchai - 

Muay Thai Grandmaster

 Grandmaster Niwatchai and Conan Go Head To Head

That's about it for now, keep an eye out for more info coming soon. 


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