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SFX Cinemas Publicity Show

Monday, 30 April 2007

Last night I was invited to the SFX cinema's publicity show at Siam Paragon, when I arrived the center of the huge shopping mall was full of movie and TV celebrities and reporters of all varieties.

I arrived just in time to be ushered into a photo with the other guys and shareholders of the Bangkok Adrenaline movie, we got our photos taken, some of the organisers were staring at me worriedly... 


Will You Die Before You Even Live?

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I was talking with a friend today and he started telling me how a very serious health scare had gotten him to rethink his life, he was re-evaluating a few things and taking out more time to enjoy himself - and to look after his health better.

That made me think - I have never been too serious with my life, I have always been out there enjoying it "too much" but how many people are trapped in their lives waiting for the day when they will really live?

How many people will go to the grave never having even lived yet? 


Called Today To Fill In On Indian Movie

Saturday, 21 April 2007

I recieved a call today at 8.30am (Sunday) to go into a movie set from an acting agent I have not heard from for a while. She wanted me to help her out by working on a Indian movie today.

Apparently one of the actors already cast in the Indian movie had a motorbike accident and could not make it, they desperately needed someone to fill in. 

After a brief discussion I rejected the offer to help... why?


The 300 Workout Program - What A Load Of Bollocks

Friday, 20 April 2007

I have just seen all over the internet forums and on blogs all excitement over the "300 workout program". It is supposed to be the fitness workout that got the guys 'in shape' for the Spartan war movie 300.

What a load of bollocks. 

Variously I have seen the 300 workout program  written as a 4 month training course or an 8 week training course. The exercises seem to vary too - hmmm.... Chinese whispers at work.

I have photographic proof that the 300 workout program is NOT responsible for King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) muscled physique. Also as a professional actor and stuntman and as a 20 year bodybuilder - I will fill you in on a few more details before you go believing the hype....


Conan Stevens And Nathan Jones To Battle It Out In The New Thai Movie Som Tam - Pattaya Papaya

Wednesday, 04 April 2007

That's right, I have signed with Baa Ram Ewe to act in their upcoming made for International release movie called Som Tam (pronounced Som Tum alternatively titled Pattaya Papaya). In the final scene I will be battling it out against the only other muscle giant actor that I have so far met - Nathan Jones.


Billed As Tom Yum Gung 2 Som Tam Is Hoped To Be As Big A Success As Nathan Jones 1st Thai Movie

Like the smash hit movie Tom Yum Gung (or Tom Yam Goong or a variety of other spellings) the name is derived from a well known Thai food dish. In this case Som Tam is an EXTREMELY hot salad made with crushed up green papaya, chillies, prawns (shrimps), tomato, dried chilli powder, fish sauce, etc.

It is always fun to watch a tourist being fed his first bite of Som Tam (Som Tum).... 


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