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My Sore Knees - Torn Meniscus

Sunday, 03 February 2008

It has come to my attention....

.... as in my knee was twice it's normal size after months of pain...

...that I have torn the outer meniscus in my left knee.

The Meniscus is the fluid sac that provides cushioning in your knee joint, whilst wrestling 'The Lebo' in Australia he landed on my knee and there was a loud POP, he instantly pulled his weight off me and whispered "I heard your knee pop, are you alright?"...

Me having a high pain tolerance said "Yeah, what are you talking about?" and then finished the match.

A double size knee the other day led me to the conclusion that something is wrong...

Good news is that it will heal itself if I can keep off it for a while and stop aggravating it, so I went running (on my toes to lessen impact) on the treadmill today for a 'leg' workout, my legs got pumped and my knee honestly felt better for it, hopefully tomorrow it is not 3 times normal size.


No, my knee was fine, in fact it felt better. Maybe it was getting some blood into the area and maybe getting a pump into my calves and thighs helped support the area but the day after it was a lot better.

Now I think before you do this that is it good to recognise that I ran on my toes to keep my knees from jarring as hammering repeatedly at the knee joint is definitely not considered a good idea


Torn Meniscus = Knee Pain and Swelling

In fact the standard advice given to people with a torn Meniscus is to keep off it for 2-3 days, use crutches and ice it 3 times a day to remove swelling. 

I found out exactly what the problem was in Myanmar. On the last day my knee was swollen significantly, this concerned me. I already knew there was a problem and I was thinking I had better get to a hospital soon to get it checked so if a major operation was required I could fly back to Australia and claim it on the Wrestling insurance.

At the airport i was talking with a couple of friends I had met through my very good long time friend Peter, turns out that one of them was a Physio. So in the airport I rolled my pants up and proceeded to get a physical exam much to the amusement of the Burmese.

Prognosis was the torn Meniscus, of which I can say that I am happy. I had thought I might have damaged a crucial ligament, which a friend once had that required an operation, steel pins and a cast to be worn for months. 

Happily the Meniscus can heal by itself but I cannot squat for now so I will be back to hamstring curls and leg extensions as my major leg exercises, and running/cycling/ weird eliptical machines. 

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