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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Well, almost, but not quite. In fact there are Ser Gregor Clegane Action Pewter Miniatures, but being pewter and about 32mm (1 & 1/ 5 inch) tall there isn't too much action either.

Gregor Clegane Pewter Miniature

Ser Gregor Clegane Fighting The Red Viper (Book 3) 

So OK, it's not Conan Stevens and it's not action and it's a miniature - but since when did truth get in the way of a good fantasy story?

Why am I talking about these in the first place? This is the interesting bit George R.R. Martin, the author of the Game Of Throne book series that HBO has license personally wrote me an email today....

Oh yes, and a little about my horse riding training... 

Mr. Martin wrote me to introduce himself and to congratulate me on getting the part of Ser Gregor Clegane, I am not going to republish the email here but you can read a post over at his blog that goes over some of the same ground .

Mr .Martin also told me that he did in fact see my audition for Khal Drogo in the pilot, and that the fans are enjoying my blogs on what life is really like as an actor preparing for a Game Of Thrones.

Mr Martin also writes "He first came to our attention when he read for the part of Khal Drogo. He was not right for that role, but he's perfect for this one, with the acting chops to go with the great physicality he brings to Gregor."  lol - I'd love to take that and show my old acting coach that said I didn't know what I was doing.

On top of that Mr. Martin offered me a souvenir of my time on Game Of Thrones, the above mentioned Gregor Clegane Minitaure Action Figure!

Gregor Clegane Fighting Red Viper Miniatures


I'm Gonna Pretend It's Me No Matter What You Say

The miniatures are produced by Dark Sword Miniatures who licensed the figurines from Mr. Martin several years ago (which is why the head/face likeness is not mine), they carry a full range of the GoT characters all available from their online shop.

Wow, what a nice gesture. There is also a chance that Mr. Martin and I will meet up later in the year when I return for final filming.

These Past Few Days :

As I Twittered and Facebooked I ran into Sean Bean the other day with one of the drivers I had made friends with, they offered me to go for lunch at a historic pub with them but I had already promised (and had a Guiness waiting for me) to meet some of the Stuntmen for lunch. Next time Sean for sure.

I saw Peter Dinklage over near the hotel too, but seeing as he seemed pre-occupied I did not approach him, I am sure we will be formally introduced at the Tourney (since it is no secret that this will be in Season 1).

Yesterday I flew back to England for a week of horse riding training. How is that?

Well to be honest, it is somewhat like riding a bicycle, I have picked up the basics again rather quickly, and am already sitting (bouncing around) on a trotting horse, if I can notch it up into a gallop by the end of the week things will be going rather well. Unlike riding a  bicycle horses go up and down, sometimes sideways as well as forward and reverse which makes it a bit trickier.

Luckily for me the horse I have been riding so far is rather lazy and would rather stand still then try to throw me or bolt, so everytime I slip up he just stops still in his tracks.  Not much of a Warhorse, but good for training on. Except the time he galloped under a bunch of low hanging branches, a contest of strength sorted that out pretty quick.

Tomorrow I think I get to try a few different horses to get an idea of the different personalities of the horses and learn how to control them. My back and legs are already sore.

It doesn't help that I have decided that I am going to get lean and get my full six pack abs out before I go home by the end of the month, so as a part of getting lean I am doing an hour on the treadmill at the gym on a high incline, and heavy gym work at night, which means my legs and back are sore from the constant training, my legs especially sore from the daily 'walking' at a steep incline and then add the horse riding.

Uncomfortable, but it is the results I am concentrating on, not the daily pain. Just another week of being an employed stunt actor I suppose.

OK, that is enough of my rants, I am sure I am way off topic again so I'll part with a public thanks to Mr Martin for taking the time to write to me.

PS Oh, it's raining again, funny that being England and all. So my 'intensive' horse training isn't being so 'intensive' at the moment.

PPS I have read the first book and am now 75% through the 2nd book in the GoT series.

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