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Swords And Horses And Lots Of Waiting

Friday, 20 August 2010

9 days since my last update on the Game Of Thrones set, what has been happening?

Well I am safely back in Ireland after riding horses with the Devils Horsemen and have been hitting the gym really hard, muscle memory is wonderful, unless you are in the costume department that is...

... I guess I have put about another 7kg of muscle back on since I arrived in Ireland for my first costume fitting so as you can guess some things need to be loosened. I am finally back in shape after the broken hand from the motorcyle accident at the end of last year.

Yes, that would infer that I have tried on some costume - I can already hear the fans screaming - what did it look like? Well that was a bit hard. First of all getting into the costume departments trailer proved a bit difficult - getting through the door and ducking under ceiling racks everywhere for hanging hundreds of costumes.

Then I get into the trailer and try to look at myself, I can see my knees to my waist, the mirror isn't big enough.  Back outside to look at my reflection in the tinted window of a trailer. Wow! All I am going to say is Ser Gregor Clegane will be the centurion tank of Westeros.

Having some experience making and wearing practical medieval inspired armour before I can say the costume department are obviously experienced, the armour fits well, in fact I joked that they should have a word to my tailor, the weight is spread over my entire body rather than having all that weight just hanging off my shoulders which will become extremely important around hour 11 on a full day of shooting.

Besides that I have been riding horses around a bit more to continue my training, I feel that I am now a reasonable entry level rider, though I am far from doing any stunts, jumps or forest chases.

Sword fighting practise has been entertaining. Working with Buster Reeves and his crew continues to be a pleasure and again it will come as no surprise to anyone who has read the books (or GRRM's blog ) that I fight my brother in the first book/season so yes I have been spending a bit of time with Rory McCann which has been funny as we are not too dissimilar in personalities to be honest.

Also swapping stories with Rory about the hard times being an actor has been a laugh and a learning experience at the same time. When I get around to writing my autobiography there is one story in particular he told me that I have to use - though names won't be mentioned.

Besides that I have been sitting around the hotel room, eating, and training 2 hours a day as it looks like I might be doing some more work when I get back to Thailand and a bunch of media appearances... might be... I'll wait until that time comes and tackle it then, but I'll be in the best shape of my life in case it all comes off as planned

So what is the hotel like? Clean, 4 walls and a bed, and internet. What is any hotel like? Well OK not any hotel (scroll down 1/2 way). But they are all pretty much the same in the West.

So that is about it for this week, besides reading further into the Song Of Ice And Fire Books, I am about 35% the way through the 3rd book now. I'll stop reading after this one as I have all the background that I need for now and I have several other projects looking VERY promising when I get back to Thailand that need my attention to prepare for.

I recieved an email from Australia 3 days ago to see if I would be interested in working in a "Slasher" horror film towards the end of the year, I passed the contact to my Manager in Bangkok, so that might be another job at the end of the year.

My career has already made a massive improvement on the way I am recieved when my Manager approaches productions, things are already starting to skyrocket. I'll be back in Bangkok by the beginning of next month so you can expect some rather interesting developments then.

Oh before I forget the "making of crew" got some good footage of Rory and I practising our sword fight, those female fans will be pleased to know I am sweaty, shirtless and ripped. I am guessing that the "Making of" will be used pre-release to advertise the show and increase viewer awareness/interest, or that is what I would do if I were in charge of marketing a Game Of Thrones....

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