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Tuesday, 08 August 2006

My old training partner Mr Universe Anthony Wingett used to say - if you want to look like Victor Richards then you have to eat like Victor Richards.

Back then Victor Richards was the biggest thing the bodybuilding world had ever seen and he used to eat a truck load. One friend was with him on his tour of Australia and they went to get something to eat. Victor Richards grabbed 10 meat pies as a snack, then he ordered pastries on top. For a meal my friends (IFBB Judges at the time) said he ate 1kg of rice at each sitting and a great slab of meat with it. Now that is a bodybuilding diet

If you want to get big you need to EAT BIG....

I hear people say they eat heaps but cannot put any weight on. Guess what? You are not eating heaps and you are not eating enough.

If you eat more calories than you expend then you will put weight on, no arguments, no excuses, eat more if you want to get big.

So what to eat to get big Muscles? 

You need to go on a bodybuilding diet - low fat unprocessed natural foods, and lots of, eat protein, eat carbs and naturally occuring fats. Eat clean and eat heaps. How much to eat protein, carbohydrates, and fats

Here is my bodybuilding diet and eating plan from when my goal was to be "the biggest wrestler the world had ever seen"

Bodybuilding Diet To Become Worlds Biggest Wrestler

8.30am - Wake, shower, etc

                1/2 sport drink (20 grams carbs)
2 tsp Musashi Creatine Monohydrate

9.00am - Meal One

                One cup oats (measured uncooked) w/brown sugar
One cup protein powder (70 grams protein)

10.00am - Train for 1 to 1.5 hours

                Sport drink
2 tsp Musashi Creatine Monohydrate

11.30am - After workout - muscle recovery drink

                One cup protein powder (70 grams protein)

12.00pm - Meal Two

                One cup rice (measured uncooked)
400g grams steak
Green vegies

2.00pm - Meal Three

                1/2 cup of rice (measured uncooked)
Large Tin Tuna 325g
Pineapple squares

4.00pm - Meal Four

                6 weetbix and skim milk
One cup protein powder (70 grams protein)

6.00pm - Meal Five

                6 egg whites and 1 yolk scrambled with low fat ham,
capsicum, mushrooms.
4 slices rye bread

8.00pm - Meal Six

                6 egg whites and 1 yolk scrambled with low fat ham,
capsicum, mushrooms.
1/2 cup rice (measured uncooked)

10.00pm - Meal Seven

                400g of steak
Assorted Vegies - potatoe,pumpkin,brocolli,etc.

12.00am - Before Bed

              One cup protein powder (70 grams protein)
2 whole eggs
diet chocolate flavouring
2 tsp Musashi Creatine Monohydrate
Some fruit or nuts

That is an easy to follow bodybuilding diet plan. Eat this every day and you are assured of putting on weight, train hard and you are assureed of making fast muscle gains

 Even these days when I am only aimed at being  "The Worlds Biggest Action Hero" I still eat quiet a lot.

This is my bodybuilding diet that I eat when I am training hard six days a week with heavy weights. 



Bodybuilding Diet To Become Worlds Biggest Action Hero


2 cups rice (measured uncooked)

2 cups oats (measured uncooked) 

30 Egg Whites + 5 yolks (I ran out of WPC80)

1 litre drinking Yoghurt

250ml Fresh Orange Juice (directly after workout)

1Kg lean meat (chicken, pork or beef)

1/2 a Watermelon + 1/2 a Papaya + 185g tin Tuna

1 random Thai meal, rice or noodle based 

The oats I eat for breakfast in 2 seperate servings with 6 egg white + 1 yolk blended in yoghurt in a protein drink. The rice I split into 4 meals with 250g of meat (and maybe a fried egg) with each meal.

Most of the Eggs I drink, one in the morning with the oats, one before training, one after training and  another before bed.

I eat the fruit and tuna together as I don't like vegetables much but I like fruit, so I made a meal out of it to get additional nutrients and fibre, etc. I change the fruits regularly and sometimes add in nuts.

The Orange juice I drink as there is a guy who squeezes it fresh from a push cart just outside the gym, I used to go and buy a sports drink or a soft drink but I cut these out of my diet and take the natural alternative instead, It does not leach calcium from my system like soft drinks do (soda pop).

Calcium is essential for building bone strength and also it is used when your muscles contract - leach it from your system and you are weaker in the gym now and in 5 years time your bones will be weaker too - plus the refined sugar does a bunch of bad stuff to your insulin levels.

You might notice that I do not eat breads or wheat products and I do not drink milk, there is good reason for that, besides it is not a part of the Asian diet. I do not like what they do to my body.

Wheat is broken down in the west until it has a higher glycemic index than white suger! This means in effect that it is better for you to eat a cup of white suger than a cup of white flour if you are trying to loose weight, admittedly there is not much in this but it does illustrate how bad flour and wheat products have become. 

Milk is processed in a very bad way, find a diary farmer and ask if he drinks milk from the supermarket, you might be surprised to find out the emphatic answer will be NO WAY! Personally I do not drink it as the milk fats chains are broken by the pasteurisation and homogenisation process. The fats are broken down into small, very small chunks. In fact they are broken down into chunks so small that they are no longer processed by the body as a fat and digested but they are assimilated directly into the bloodstream, same as a sugar. The effect you now have undigested milk fats floating around your bloodstream, with 17 odd know allergens that have been added to the milk in the chemicalisation process. No wonder people who drink lots of milk look smooth. For me I also hate the oily skin and pimples (acne), and blocked sinuses I get when I drink a lot of milk.


So there is my bodybuilding diet. Eat big, eat a lot. If you say you eat a lot and are not gaining weight then follow either of my muscle gain diet to the letter. Then you will see fast weight gain and if you train hard then fast muscle growth too.

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