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Hanuman The White Monkey Warrior Trailer

Saturday, 26 July 2008

First the Hanuman The White Monkey Warrior movie poster and now the Hanuman action movie trailer, and also another poster for this local produced movie, and an accompanying music video.

In the trailer I can be seen very, very briefy at the 54 second mark with the group of prize fighters (I am the biggest one of course) but am also wearing a ski mask so my face doesn't show.

In my final take I throw the hero across the room and then yell at him, to add dramatic effect (and to get my face onscreen) I pulled off the ski mask spat on the ground (in contempt) and yelled obscenities at the Hero now laying face down across the room... 

The story line I have already discussed in my previous post about this action movie, here Hanuman The White Monkey Warrior.

Now  I bring you the new movie poster first of all:

Hanuman Movie Poster #2

Hanuman The White Monkey Warrior Movie Poster #2

And a photo of the good guys:

Hanuman (by Phranakorn) Good Guys

Sornram Theppitak and Yardtip Rajpa

And of course no Thai movie would be complete without the bad foreigners:

That's my mate Damian at the front with the tiger stripes in his hair and a matching body tattoo in his love scene.

And of course who could forget the bad guy with the studded leather G-string bikini for a mask, complete with, in this case, a 'nose' hole. original shooting day article

Hanuman The White Monkey Warrior Trailer

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PS There is also the Hanuman music video which shows more footage in the Video section

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