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BIG ARMS! - Bicep and Tricep training - 13 July

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Big Arms, bicep peaks, hanging triceps - everyone wants them. How about these big arms - want to learn how to build big arms quick?


Want Big Arms Like These?

Here's my workout to get  big arms fast....


Chest and Shoulders 9 July 2006

Sunday, 09 July 2006

Today I train Chest and Shoulders. But first some theory

Right, I feel good. Finally after a good talk with my mate Hilly we have decided to get back to basics, back to what made us big in the first place.

Heavy, heavy weights, low reps. Easy.

Now in the second week of this training my body is hurting like it never did with the 15 sets of 15 reps pumper work out, or any other combo training I have done for a long time. 

  9 July 2006

Chest and Shoulders Training

Read on for full workout details.... 


Protein Drink Recipes - Powder Eggs Tuna more

Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Unlike the commercial brands Conans Protein Drink Recipes come in a variety of protein types and some are even tasty! 

You cannot eat one type of food all day, and you should not have one protein powder all day in your protein drinks. These protein drink recipes mix it up a bit and keep your life interesting... 


Huge Bags Of WPC80 Protein Powder

Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Forget your girlie little 1kg buckets of  whey protein powder - real men and giants get it in huge WPC80 bag loads - 25 kg bag loads.

I first discovered these big bags of whey protein powder in Australia and was hooked.... 

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