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Streetfighter 2 Audition

Monday, 17 March 2008

Yesterday I recieved several calls in a lead up to the final call - for an audition in the new Streetfighter 2 movie.

First up Erik, a fellow Bangkok based stuntman called me up and told me there was a part going that required a very large stuntman, I would be recieving a call.

Several minutes later I got a call from Seng from Seng Stunts whom I worked with on Bodyguard 2. He tells me officially the same thing and that he was passing my number over to the Streetfighter 2 casting people....

A little later I talked to Bow from the casting department from Streetfighter 2 and told them I would get back with my schedule for Chandni Chwok To China.

Today I am heading over to the set to make an informal introduction so the casting people can realise they are dealing with serious talent and serious big here so they can get a better idea of how to fit me in the movie, and for me to find out what the part is and whether it is suitable.

At the set I met with Erik, Bow and then Seng.

I was told there was a requirement for a large bodyguard for Bison (main bad guy). Translation = small part but lots of screentime, and maybe a small fight scene at low (local) pay. 

So I went with Bow and had some photos taken for the Streetfighter 2 Director to look at later, then over to costume totake my measurements in case I got a job in the movie.

Next we went back and met with Seng, after a brief chat explaining that I knew it was going to be large distrubition, cinema release internationally (inc USA) and that I would be seen by a lot of people - but - and this is very important - I did not want to be introduced to the American public, and more importantly American Actin Agents and Casting Houses as the 'big stuntman standing around in Streetfighter 2'.

My current role in Chandni Chowk To China is a decent role, my role in Drona was a major turning point in the movie plot, Bangkok Adrenaline I am principle actor,  Som Tam I was principle actor.

I explained that for me to play a small role with no acting and no speaking might get me American movie attention BUT it would then place me at the bottom of the ladder and I would have to work my way up again, like I did in Thailand.

Speaking with Bow I told here that I had come in today so that she could see me and understand what Seng really meant when he said he knew a "big stuntman", she said yes Seng said you were big but I did not realise how big.

I would be better off waiting for my current movies to come out and taking the higher level roles in showreel to American acting agents and going for similar parts in 'B' grade movies.

Michael Cain says in his book on acting take the roles that you wish to play in future. You will get known for being that type of actor - take lead roles in even in low budget movies and you will develop a reputation for being a lead actor. He even says to take a low paid lead over a higher paying lesser part.

I agree with this - the last thing I want a reputation for is being a 'big guy'. I want a reputation as a serious character actor (yes that is a bit of a joke in itself). To do small part, small appearances in many movies for 'big guy' roles does not interest me in the slightest. I have not been following this "day dream" for 20 years to do what are for me unchallenging and uninteresting roles.

So having gotten my point across (politely) Seng and Bow understood what I was saying  and my concerns about my career, though I did want to work on the movie as the exposure would be fantastic. Then they offered to help me out a whole lot more. 

Seng and Bow asked me to hang around for a while and then we accidently bumped into the producer - a nice bonus - but not todays target.

Seng arranged it so that I walked in at the right time to meet the very busy Streetfighter 2 Director. Again the photos and Biography does not mean very much compared to the reaction I get with my personal physical presence...

Upon seeing me the Streetfigher 2 Directors first words were "F&%k!"

And his final  words were "We'll find something for you."

Now I wait and se what eventuates, this could be very exciting. 

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