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New Thai Movie Audition

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I was called in last Thursday by an agent I have not spoken to in a while to try out for a part in a new Thai movie currently casting for actors.

Upon arriving at the casting location a truck full of Thai stuntmen pulled up - guys I have worked with on Bangkok Adrenaline, Chandni Chowk To China, Bodyguard 2 - a round of hellos and catching up follwed by introductions to my friend Mark who is looking at getting started in an acting career.

Then into the audition... 

I was fairly quickly shuffled into my audition. The casting director asked a few questions about my height and weight, then I interrupted and asked what the character was and the role he would play in the movie.

Turns out the character I was auditioning for is a professional wrestler on holiday in Pattaya, Thailand who jumps up and interrupts a Muay Thai match. Only a small part with a few days filming but a reasonable part for me, in fact I would have to say it IS MY PART.

Here I pulled out my trusty Nokia N95 and fast forwarded my showreel to the wrestling section and asked the casting director if this was what he wanted as a wrestling character.

He was initially shocked but then very happy that he had a real wrestler at the audition. He asked "You can do all the moves?" and I replied that I was the Australian wrestling champion.

My audition concluded with my sending my showreel via bluetooth to his Apple Mac laptop and a lot of big grins.

No need for me to do a screen test.

This is now my 3rd time I have secured a job by using my showreel on my phone to show the casting director - a well worthwhile investment in Nokia's most expensive phone. 

* UPDATE - my agent just called back, we are discussing money now so it looks like I got MY part - hardly surprising really.

** UPDATE: Got a call today (24th June 2008) that I am confirmed for the part, next question is what days do they need me? 

*** FINAL UPDATE: The movie was with Thai comedian 'Nose' and the movie is called "E-Tim"

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