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51 Easy To Prepare Cooking Videos Up

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

All the old Cooking With Conan videos have now been uploaded to the Conan Stevens Youtube channel, many never seen before.

The next round of uploads are filmed on a modern camera in Full HD so quality will be much better.


Conan Style Christmas 2012

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Well it seems Christmas has rolled around yet again, and I have pulled my finger out and am writing on my blog. Amazing.

So what does a Conan style Christmas entail?

Well it started with sitting on a tropical beach eating breakfast burritos.

How much better could it get?

Well a lunch time check of my email revealed an email from a friend in the industry asking if I'd be interested in a new movie project he is involved in, the offer was fine, the people are good, the role is likely to be interesting, and the other actors I'll be working with are well known in their market segments.

All in all a great Christmas. Now I'm off to do the ex-pat Christmas thing and heading over to a western run hotel for tons of western food and a few beers with a bunch of foreigners who also left their home countries in search of a better life.

Cheers, have fun and enjoy today regardless of current stresses.


Best Geek Beer Brand Ever

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Checking through thespecialty beers at the local supermarket today one branding stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

Being a big fan I just had to get the beer.

Which Beer....?


Not Much New

Thursday, 24 February 2011

There is nothing new that I can report, maybe in the next week or two I might have something more interesting.

But you know me, even with "nothing new" I still have a ton of stuff to write about and several thousand strongly held opinions to expound upon, and as you know my life is rarely ever boring or mundane.

Actually my life is frequently boring but I don't write about that... much...


Thailand And Cambodian Armies Fighting At Border

Thursday, 03 February 2011

Thailand and Cambodian armies are shooting it out again at the border while Bangkok hosts political rallies that have split Thailand. Fun.

Hopefully Thailand's internal troubles don't flare up while the the opposing armies fight it out.

Muslim insurgents killed 4 in the south of Thailand at the border with Malaysia too.

Bangkok Post Story - Good article

The Nation Story

Meanwhile the Thai Police are having a War On Crime, mainly targeting drugs usage across Thailand, aiming for a 20% decrease in crime in the next 3 months.

Besides all that things are running pretty much standard here in Thailand. Honestly living here makes you feel alive, nothing like any of this ever happens back 'home'. But you know what? The way the Thai people deal with all this is amazing, the media are calm, things will be fine.

OK, looks like emergency top level negotiations have secured a cease fire at about 7.30pm, so that was approximately 4.5 hrs of fighting, rockets, artillery barrages and mortar fire between the two armies. Pretty intense for the local residents I guess, well considering their school was blown up, huts set on fire and at least on confirmed artillery death "well inside" the Thai border.

Oh yes, I almost forgot - HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 

And..... they are at it again.


Christmas Stampedes

Friday, 24 December 2010

Well it has rolled around again - all christians go out now and in a shopping frenzy reminiscent of berserker Vikings discovering unprotected church gold on the shores of England, celebrate by going out to the Xmas sales with mobs of other mind controlled shopping zombies and putting yourself in credit card debt to 'prove' you love your family.... because that is what the TV tells you to do.

Here is a different take on Christmas from Rob Sheridan:


Awesome. Enjoy your friends and the things that are important to your life. Stampedes and fist fights over "sale" items is a bloody ridiculous way to celebrate friends and family. 

I have been accused of being cynical - here is last Christmas , and the one before . Not really much to get excited about is it when you look at the reality. 


Bangkok Political Armies Fight It Out

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Right now Thailand is about 12 hours away from open civil war. This is not some retoric, there are armed troops fighting armed troops in hte streets of Bangkok right now and for the last 4 days.... again.

The official Army has assassinated one of the 'Red Shirt' political leaders who was shot but snipers and hit by 2 bullets in the head in the middle of a crowd while conducting an interview with foreign mdeia correspondents. The idea is to 'cut the head off the snake', but I am concerned that they just made a martyr. 

Official figures for the dead are now at 35, I think the real figures are about 10 times that figure, the media is under tight control with Twitter, Facebook and Youtube giving a lot of 'on the ground'  uncontrolled coverage.

Government troops have set up a "Live Fire Zone" where they are firing real bullets at anyone they deem necessary to take out..... or anyone unlucky enough to put his head out a window, or even stand near a window...


Conan Saves A Life?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A friend from Australia was over so I took him out to show him the city by night, just as we were leaving a quite bar  there was a sudden commotion amongst the staff.

One looked to me desperately and asked me to come help... 


Advantages Of Being Tall (Height)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Unlike other stupid articles discussing the advantages of being tall, like being able to reach high places, taking longer strides and other complete rubbish I am going to give you 1st hand experience of why being tall is a huge advantage in all areas of your life.

Believe me if you are tall, you better start looking at it as your greatest blessing, because as I am about to show you, it is.... 


Eat Dog Meat

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Eat dog meat - Would you do it?

Eating dog has been a part of many cultures for hundreds, even thousands of years. If you were starving, not 'starving' in the Western sense of the word (hungry), but starving in the real sense of the word (as in you are going to die) and Fido was sitting in the corner chewing a bone he'd buried last year. Wouldn't you be looking at Fido and seeing a big lump of delicious, life saving, dog meat? Dog meat, sorry Fido, would be straight in the pot.

And so there I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant in Northern China, filming in the Hindi movie Chandni Chowk To China and I was handed the menu - Dog Meat - right there on the menu. The Chinese lady says to me "Do you eat dog?" with a sly smile knowing Westerners don't eat dog.

Here I took a photo of the menu with dog meat, I didn't take a photo of the dog meat, but I did take a pic of the menu... 


Conan And Friends Catch Armed Robber

Friday, 18 September 2009

A couple of months ago we had an armed robber hold the girl in the apartment next to mine at gun point and try to rob her. She screamed, which awoke me and alerted some other residents.

As soon as I heard the scream  I jumped up out of bed, ran to the door and heard Ski, the apartment owner call "Stop him." I knew something was up.

Dressed only in red boardshorts I raced dopwnstairs to find a ladyboy thickset Thai fellow struggling with one transgender resident and Ski, the American owner helping. I pushed them both out of the way and... 


Conan Stevens Interview On Pattaya TV

Friday, 18 September 2009

This week on Pattaya cable TV this 20 minute interview is showing, regularly. Better yet you don't have to travel to Thailand to watch the interview, you can watch the video right here!

Interviewing me is Raine Grady from Capital TV, Australian viewers will recognise her from the travel shows in Australia as Captial TV films Destination Thailand and Travel Asia which are syndicated around the region.

In this interview.... 


New Years Eve And Day With Conan

Thursday, 01 January 2009

So what is life like at party time for an Internationally successful actor, what are the parties like, who was I seen with....


Nihow, I'm In China Again

Sunday, 28 December 2008

I'm in China again, and that can only mean one thing - Yes I am filming again - FINALLY!

It's been a long time since I worked in a large part, somewhat surprisingly that was in Chandni Chowk To China, where we were filming, somewhat not unsurprisingly in China for a time.

At the moment I am not sure how much I can reveal about the movie so I won't write too much today, and I'll find out how much I am allowed to reveal tomorrow - but I am sure I can for now say I am working with a Hong Kong legend, if not THE Hong Kong legend in the film industry.

Oh yeah, Nihow is Mandarin (Chinese mainland)  for hello and it is bloody cold here, -9C to 2C (15F to 32F)


UPDATE: I am working with some ex-WWE Pro Wrestlers, some of the same guys as were in the Som Tam movie, and the Director is Yuan Woo Ping, the biggest name in Hong Kong stunts.


Oh Yeah, Happy Christmas And All That

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Just realised it is Christmas today - already, just goes to show how much of an event it is for me here in Asia.

Since all the Western Malls and Shopping centres have been playing annoying as heck crappy Christmas carols for the last two months now (something I am very glad to miss out on), here is an Interesting Christmas song from Jon Lajoie, a Canadian comedian making a bit of a name for himself on Youtube...


UK MENSA Magazine Cover Story

Saturday, 13 September 2008

My first cover story since Drum Media in Sydney in 1998.

Pretty exciting for me, even though the Australian media dismisses me as a nobody and of little to no interest to the Australian audience as I am not on Australian TV, even though I cannot get an interview or article in Australia and no PR agent wants to represent me, those that I contacted and spoke to were disdainful and some where even somewhat condescending to me, when even some unnamed (you know who you are) management at the Sydney Dance Company outright said I was not of interest to the media....

Here I am Front cover and a 3 page internal story in a magazine that has a 24,000 member distribution.... 


I Am A Writer/Actor/Fighter Can You Help Me Get Into Movies

Thursday, 04 September 2008

Recently I have been getting a fair few emails from people asking me to help them get into movies it is a pretty standard format:

Hi Conan, my name is x (1. we met at y or 2 I found you online), I am a really good writer/actor/fighter and I really want to get into movies. Can you help me?


Biggest Loser - Lose 28lbs In 6 Days

Friday, 22 February 2008

Flicking though TV stations while waiting bored in a hotel room I recently saw an episode of the Biggest Loser - it's the TV show where 'teams' of obese people compete against other teams to lose the most weight each week. I good loss in a week is about 6lbs, which is 3kg.

Well in the last 6 days I lost 13kg which is 28.6lbs!!!

Want to know the 'magic' supplement that caused this massive weight loss?

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